FKFD general assembley on Norway Open (All-forsamling FKFD)

FKFD will hold its general assembley (All-forsamling) on Sunday at Norway Open, after the rapier and dagger finals.

The board is up for election, meaning we can now take nominations for the board. Nominations may only be full members, and to avoid confusion people may only nominate themselves. Current board members may also decide to re-run for a new term.

  • Club leader (currently Bjørn Jochimsen) - Bergen
  • PR-responsible and second-in-command (currently Lars Harald Gathe) - Oslo & Jessheim
  • Economy-responsible (currently Thomas Løtvedt) - Bergen
  • Board member (currently Jens Peder Magnussen) - Tromsø

We always try and keep at least one person from each region (Oslo & Jessheim, Bergen and Tromsø) on the board.

All full members over 18 have a right to vote. People who cannot attend the GA can still appoint by written notice a fellow attending member as delegate - who will vote on their behalf.

All full members may also submit anything practical related to the club management that they want to discuss and vote on. The list of items for the GA will be given priority in order of urgency by the club leader; we won't have endless time to discuss things.

All nominations and proposals must be submitted to by 14th of May.

More information and list of topics for the meeting will follow here and in our Facebook group.